Welcome to Specular
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Promoting Your Business

The Collective is committed to raising awareness and promoting British brands across the globe.

Bespoke Events

As part of the collective you’ll be invited to participate at events in luxury venues throughout the world using our extensive network.

Manufacturing Network

The Collective has built up relationships throughout the UK with the best manufactures. As member we you’ll have access to our trusted community.

Luxury Target Market

Engaging with your target audience in the luxury market place isn’t easy. Through our relationships with exclusive suppliers and private clubs we can help your business connect with your desired customers.


The Collective has a number of talented and knowledgable people who are happy to share their experience with other members. A number of the newer brands have enquired about access to such knowledge so in 2019 we will start The Collective Workshops.

Global Community

The Collective will be engaging with the key target audiences for our brands by organising events in China, Dubai and America.

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